May 052017

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Hey everybody, 57 year old man looking for a Christian group to join. Been looking after my elderly mother for awhile but she needs to go into a nursing home so im about to be Free LOL

I have a decent amount of survival equipment and the usual stuff, A working knowledge of natural healing methods which i have studied for years, Pretty fair Lumber jacking skills as i had a wood stove for over ten years

I am very old school and can be trusted which is my best trait

Thanks for reading, Tommy in KC

  4 Responses to “Looking for a group”

  1. Found one in the ozarks if you want to talk..Peggy

  2. wanna be a caretaker on my farm in s.central mo? got a trailer? see my ad.
    bob kuczynski

  3. Hey Tommy,
    Have you found a group yet?

    I’m a young 56, looking to be a part of a survivor group of believers. Left US for a while and just got back recently. Took all of my preps with me and had to leave them there so I’m either starting over or saving to have it shipped back. I haven’t figured out which yet.

    I found this site after getting back. I’ve been praying for over 3 years to find sisters and brothers… not sure how this will all play out, but I’m trusting Him and hoping not to have to go thru it alone.