Sep 302021

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I’m not a super prepared person sadly. Partially it’s from lack of knowledge and partially lack of money. I am not asking anyone for a handout. I currently would just like to find a group of people that I can learn from so that I don’t waste a lot of time and money in getting prepared. I do have some knowledge, like hunting and fishing. I can build my own basic shelter, and I have some of the equipment that would be required to do those things. I am a Marine (served back in the 90s), so I have knowledge of security measures, basic first aid, and stuff like that. I would like to find a group that I could start working with to get prepared for a day that I am afraid is coming all too soon. I live in South County, St Louis, MO, but I am willing to travel into southern Missouri, and even northern Oklahoma. I am also currently looking for a new job, so if someone knows of one in the region I have described, I would be more than willing to relocate.

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  1. Hey Marine, I’m an old jarhead who excaped St Louis years ago. Saw the writing on the wall and plotted the trajectories. In 1979 I started a homesteading community in the hills west of Jefferson city. on 400 acres. We are well provisioned and dug in pretty deep. We have employment open and needing a few good men. I’m not gonna give you a history lesson here but you would do well to call or txt me any time also be willing to have you come out for a look-see. Sgt. Dale Deraps USMC 573-301-4030 or [email protected]


  2. Anybody home?