Aug 012018

Having been screwed over more times than I have digits, I am extremely cautious of everyone now. This does not change the fact that I know that without other people my chances of survival are greatly diminished.

So, what can I tell you about myself at this moment without giving to much information, and thus risking my own security?

I am no spring chicken, however I am not a worn out old fart either.

I started this journey in 1983, and it has definitely been an interesting trip.

I am not a saint by any definition of the word. I have made some very bad decisions in the past, but I learn from them and move on, and I am likely, as any man is, to screw up a few more times before I’m done.

I did spend some time, however brief, in the military. While my time in the Army was brief, I walked away with some hard earned lessons, some great experience, Some excellent training,  a strong will, and a serious attitude which say’s “Treat everyone with the same respect you would have them show you, allow no one to take advantage of you and if what you do is found to be repugnant to the founding principles of our Republic, then don’t do it”. It goes without saying that, should any individual or group violate those principles and threaten the liberty of another, it is our responsibility to step in and defend the rights of that individual. I took an oath when I enlisted, knowing that oath was for life, and I will always stand for those who cannot stand for themselves and give my life freely defending the principles upon which this Republic was built.  I will not pick the fight, but if it comes, I will not run.

I spent 30+ years of my life homeless (some due to unavoidable circumstance, some out of necessity, mostly by choice) learning how to survive the hard way. I can build and break camp using the bare minimum of items, I can hunt and fish. I have several ways to garden depending on where I am and resources available. I can filter water without a filter and purify water without fire or a purifier. I can move through the forests leaving little to no trail behind me, because being homeless is such a dangerous lifestyle I had to learn to be stealthy and learned how to be invisible when I need to be. I am handy with a firearm as well as knives and other weapons.

While I do have more normal skills, such as carpentry, plumbing and almost anything involved in building houses and such and I’m a damn good cook among other things, I see myself as more of a soldier than anything else.

I tend to be a bit of a loner, but I do know how important connections with others can be. For the most part I prefer to stay to myself, choosing who to spend my time with and when. I have no difficulty working with others for a common purpose, so I am more than willing to pull my weight, to the best of my ability, be it in the garden, tending to the animals or cooking a meal, as long as people respect my privacy and understand that “My space is my space”. What I do in my space is of no concern to anyone, so long as what I do, in no way harms another. This attitude is in total harmony with the very concept of personal liberty, and it is what I strive for every day of my life.

I do have some physical limitations, but I put forth a great deal of effort to not let them slow me down. I will work as hard as I am able, for as long as I am able, but I will not push myself to the point where I do more damage, and cause more pain than is necessary.

I do not believe that “all property is community property”. What is mine is mine and what is communities is communities. What is mine when I come in is still mine if I leave. This crap that some try to pull, claiming that what you bring in becomes community property is nothing more than Socialism. This tells people that you don’t own anything and that is the same thing that Socialism subscribes to. Everything belongs to the community (State). How is that in line with the concepts of liberty?

While I come with my own food supply, medical supplies, seeds, tools, weapons and so on, the only thing I am missing is the security aspect of things. Someone once said that “There is safety in numbers”. I believe this to be very, very true. It is for this reason I am reaching out, looking for a group of people who are on the same page as I.

I know that 99.99 % of you will see this and you will disregard it all, pass it over and forget all about it, and that is fine. I don’t want anyone who isn’t fully with the constitution, and if you cannot handle this idea, then you’re not who I am looking for.

If you are interested in seriously connecting with someone who has been on this journey for 30+ years, I am willing to talk.

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  1. I am in VA — I know of very few in my part of the world and would welcome your company

    • I’m just curious on why you say that. Like is it a cultural thing or is it because he said what is his is his. I believe in that honestly. I think each person should not have to be forced to share what they have. Why couldn’t there be a bartering system? Obviously some decisions on what people bring to the table can be made and kept in a log book. Let’s say for example if shit hits the fan tomorrow I know that my neighbor would not be prepared. But I feel like they are good people who just need a chance. So they have three kids and they are all able to do physical labor. Those kids not only could learn survival technics, but can help with things this man may need help with and in return he could pay them in supplies and food. I personally also know that my family barely has enough food to make it if a disaster hits but I sure do try to stock up. But let’s say we run out of food. I know that I will not just expect others to supply to me. I need to work for it, maybe barter hygienes or physical labor or maybe if I were part of a community and I needed to provide for my family id go ahead and help guard the facility. The whole point is that why can’t a community run on a barter system?

      • Hello Gingersnap1:

        I hope all is well.

        I must confess I am confused by your comment. I agree with the concept of ‘forced sharing’ — in some circles the term is extortion. I favor the ‘community barter’ system — especially when WROL becomes the status quo.

        • Sorry I was just wondering why you said that in VA they wouldn’t accept him. I wondered if it was because of his comment about not believing his stuff was not everyone’s stuff and he didn’t believe in that type of agreement. Or did you say he wouldn’t be accepted for another reason? I’m just curious on the dynamics I may have to deal with if I do ever have to trade with another community. I at one point thought of joining a community but then turned down that idea and have my own plans. I didn’t mean to confuse you with my rambling.

          • Hello:

            Again my apologies.

            What I was trying to say is that he would be welcome to come out to VA (I spoke with him on the telephone and he currently lives in another locale).

            On a different subject, I would like to invite you to listen (either live or the previous shows that are available for download) to programs on

            Perhaps some of these broadcasts will be helpful. If you find them educational, feel free to spread the word.

            Have a wonderful day.

  2. OK so honestly I do not look down on you for being homeless. I personally though would be interested in meeting you if I was better established. We are still in the beginning stages of our journey. If in fact many of these communities are socialist formed I personally also would avoid it. I’m sorry to those that disagree but we are poor and we work out butts off for every little thing that we get to prepare for any disaster that may hit us. I just want to say don’t give up and I’m sure you will find like minded people. And I’m on board with the whole liner thing, we like our privacy too but as I said what we are trying to do is only in the beginning stages and will take years to complete.

    • Believe me when I tell you I come fully stocked and prepared to provide for myself beginning on day one. I have spent the past 9 years collecting and acquiring everything I could think of that would be needed for a group of 3-6 to begin over from scratch.
      It would be difficult to explain in detail what I am about and what I am looking for, but I am willing to talk with anyone who is serious about finding others with whom they can join forces and work towards a common goal of not just a steady food supply and such things as that but also the safety and security that makes it possible to provide the former.

      • I hear that. on a small level I do that too. I don’t have a big supply but I’m working on it. But I also am slowly learning how to get back to basics including learning more on gardening. I have a nice fall crop coming up. Got tons of books because I know internet may not always be available and there are things I’ll need to know.

        • It can be a bit of a chore to get everything in line and in order but as things progress it becomes easier.
          Putting together enough supplies for 3 people is not an easy thing due to storage issues but if you have the storage it isn’t a bad idea.
          To be honest i really didn’t have any problems inquiring the supplies compared to the difficulty in finding allies needed.
          Living in a small town where everyone is blinded by the propaganda and no one will listen to anything you try to tell them doesn’t make it any easier either.
          This is why I am here looking for those allies.

    • liner thing??