Dec 312016

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I am interested in joining a group in Northern Cali.  Please direct me to a solid existing group.  I am not interested in starting a group or being part of an inexperienced start up group.



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  1. we are an active group in santa clara to livermore area. we have meet ups and run senerios at private ranches in livermore hills . anyone interested con tact me but must have phone no. and best time to call

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    • Hello ordco,
      I live over in the valley (within the hour..maybe less, maybe more, depends on the traffic) and would love to meet like minded people.
      I see a lot of information has been deleted by admin, so I will read the rules and I guess contact you at the PM area.
      Thanks for posting

    • Brand new to group, due to the No Cal fires, we’ve realized how unprepared we are for an emergency situation. I will contact you by your email. THX!

  2. Okay thanks for responding

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  3. e mail me with contact info at [email protected] mail

  4. Hello.. We are in the LA area! Where are you located? 🤗

  5. My people are in Central Valley. Looking for group.