Nov 282021

Hello all, my name is Victoria Rose, and I am in search of a Prepper Community. I currently live in Randolph County, N.C.
I am also a Prepper 13 years now. I started Prepping in South Florida, but moved up to N.C. 10 years ago, to live a more meaningful life, less people, and more wildlife. I raise & butcher chickens and rabbits for meat, as well as can, dehydrate, and grow my own fruits and vegetables. I am a Veteran Army Medic 💜
P.S., I will be looking to buy a bigger piece of property this summer, preferably closer to Western North Carolina. 😀

  6 Responses to “Looking for a Prepper Community”

  1. We are trouble in Asheville North Carolina also looking for like-minded people in the area if you know of a group that would like to get together and build their mag please let me know, 828-279-7600 Tim & Leila

  2. Dear Bountyhunter 2018,…
    I don’t know of any Prepper Communities in Asheville. I am actively still looking for one, as well as a good sized property, (rural-less people), near the Asheville area. P.S., thank you 😊 for your response 🙏

  3. Dear Bountyhunter 2018, here is a Prepper Meet-up group.

  4. Hello Vicky: My wife and I recently moved from South Carolina to Pulaski County Kentucky. In the next 6 month there are events that will take place that will make certain states more survivalable. We are not sure if you are still looking to connect with others or not. Please contact us if you are interested.
    David and April

  5. Hi have you found a group . I am looking also. Let’s talk.