Feb 122021

We are a retired couple and have been working on our preps for a year. Just wondering if there is an established group or a newly forming group we could connect with in the Ft Collins/Windsor area

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  1. We should talk, we are in Frederick. Found your post through JWR’s site Survivalblog.com, followed him for years.
    Let’s start here – [email protected]

    • I have been scoping Weld county for a while, I would like to live there. It is North, Rural and Red. But a little South may be OK.

      Frederick is a small city, just a bit North of me, but still, can you point me in a more specific area and direction so I can drive up and look around?

      Thanks again.

      • I think, “right direction” could have multiple meanings depending on what you’re looking for. A house in a neighborhood, ranch land, acreage.
        A group of “like minded” people?

        • Most important is a group of “like-minded people”, then I would need to find a place available for sale. Doesn’t have to be much, but a rural setting, a yard for garden, etc. I am planning to drive to Weld soon to scope out some things. Thanks for replying!

          • Well you may have found the “like minded”, we’ll need to talk or meet to find out. Privately email me your contact info. My email is above.

  2. Did you find a group for your area? I am also searching to join a group. Thank you.

  3. Buchagirl – I’ll let you know soon as I find one!