May 242021

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Hello all I have been searching and searching for a prepping community that is at the least tolerant of LGBT folks. There just isn’t a good support network out there. I know there are fellow gay peppers out there but i fear they are in the shadows because of some common ideologies in the survivalist world. How do we get people together and bounce ideas off each other.

We live in southern ohio. Very rural with mostly Amish neighbors. While i resect they don’t agree with the two boys living together down the road, I equal respect they treat us just fine, leave us alone and are always very friendly. I wouldn’t choose their lifestyle or beliefs either but we treat them with respect and kindness and we all live peaceably out here. Why can’t more of the world be that way??

Anyway he and I are united in our prepping plan, well stocked and always growing our preps. Well armed stocked and trained.

Any very limited posts i have seen on other groups trying to find “allies” I first see Why does it matter gay straight bi shouldn’t matter Bla bla bla but then the rest chime in and then it suddenly matters religious reasons…we are the reason the world is collapsing…we can’t repopulate the world ….. on and on

I agree to a point it don’t matter but my point it to find like minded people to share ideas with and to get community together where the “closet” preppers can feel safe to speak up

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  1. A friend suggested: “I don’t know of a group but “live like the world is dying” is a good podcast that’s very LGBTQ positive!”

    Here’s a link I found:

  2. Thank you !! it seems like a lot of good content !! I like podcast as I am trying to spend less time in front of my lap top and getting sucked into the youtube vortex I just downloaded the app…. and Im off to cut the grass !

  3. We live in very right wing montana. that being said we are outside of Helena the state capital. A very mixed bag of beliefs with everything from gay pride marches to armed protests by right wing types types.
    We house share with a person who is a LBGT….advisor at the local college.. Even tho we are of a older generation there is room for all, you just have to find your place or create it for others to find you.

  4. Would love to talk.
    [email protected]

  5. Hey! Part of a small prepper group and I am pansexual! I would love to add you as contacts! [email protected]

  6. I also live in southern ohio in a city and my plan was to bug in, in a community. There are quite a few dedicated prepper groups where I live but they are intolerant individuals, and I believed my skillset would overide the opinion of my orientation, regretably that is not the case. But, plans change and if that scenario we’re all planning for but pray never comes, I have a dedicated plan out getting out of the city.It is my hope that communities will form and what ever skill you bring to the table will be more important than your religion, sexual orientation, skin color, etc. And if I can’t find such a community, I’ll create one.

    • Hi ap937

      I share your thoughts My initial idea when i posted was to attempt to form a group as well. My hope is as yours. Planing but praying it never happens and hoping my skill sets would be more important then my orientation.
      I know that there are LGBT peppers out there but they just don’t feel like they belong in the community. even it it is just to bounce idea off others and learn from others. Even if they keep their orientation to themselves which we generally do the banter in a lot of the groups is enough to push them away.
      We are fairly well prepped and live very rural so our plan it so stay put if possible.
      He and I differ. Im more of the mindset of keeping to ourselves where as he is of the build a community mindset. I have to admit he is pulling me in that direction.