Apr 182020

I live in the Dallas Texas area looking to start or be in a group. I have skills and I’m all about being a team player.

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  1. Check your email from me.

  2. Please look at Tenn. Mountain Christian Prepper group. The dollar amount of ccapital is not important but you need to be self-sufficient. Please email willswebservice at comcast dot net Subject: Tenn. Mountain Prepper group or PM me with phone number

  3. Hi,
    PM me I’m in Dallas.

  4. Hi, My husband and I live in Dallas and have been doing what we can on our urban homestead. We would love to meet other Dallasites and form a MAG.

    • We welcome a contact from you. We live in Dallas, I am a former Marine. We are both in healthcare. We have a lot of skills to bring to the table. We seek to join of form a small group of responsible, stable adults/families who are interested in cooperating as a self-sufficient community in the event safety and security are in short supply. :-). Thanks! [email protected].