Jun 072021

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Hey, we are a small group located in North East Georgia. We are looking to add members. Experience is not necessary. We can “teach skills” to those who need it. Please message me for more details.

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  1. My husband and I are looking to join a group that has or plans to have a secondary emergency (bug out) site and has or plans to have community members with a variety of skill sets. My husband was a remodeling contractor in the past with experience in virtually all construction areas and has most tools and much equipment. We are moderately experienced in gardening, (vegetables, berries, fruit trees), and we are experienced with canning and freezing. I am experienced with sewing, crocheting, and knitting. Is your group still active and looking for members? Are we the kind of people your group needs? Thank you for your reply.

  2. I am also in nega and very much so looking to learn. My husband and I need so guidance please.

  3. Hey what area / county are u in? Prepper near Blairsville.

  4. Hi! Messaging for details. Family and I are looking for prepper group to join.

  5. A very long way from me. Chattahoochie mtns here.

  6. Looking for like minded preppers in NEGA. I am in and about Tray Mountain wilderness.
    [email protected]

  7. hi,

    my name is Ty! just emailed you!

  8. hi,

    newbie interested in joining fellow preppers.

    just emailed you!

  9. Good morning, i am looking for a group of people who share the same values of liberty and freedom to get together and share skills and information with. I live in NE GA, i have many skills from welding to candle making to rabbit husbandry.

  10. I am a divorced nurse and I am interested in joining a prepping group in NE Georgia. I live in the Flowery Branch area but I used to live in Cleveland and I am familiar with those areas further North. I have already started gathering a cache. I know that there is not much time before the government claims food shortages and start rationing or something of the sort. Please reach out to me if there is a place for a nurse in your group.


  11. I’m interested in learning more survival skills, in northwest GA and southeastern TN.