Aug 082018

Anyone interested in starting a survival group in Western Michigan?

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  1. This comment may not be helpful but I wanted to say we would but we are planning on moving away from this area next year. What are you looking to do though

  2. This also isn’t what you want to hear but it would be infinitely easier to join an already existing, established group; there are several, each different and unique. Pick one that suits you best.

  3. Cadillac here, Been trying to start a prepper meetup group for a while. Conduct classes, train and network. I would also like to add to my personal group if the skills are good.

  4. I’m looking to start dialogue with other preppers in the GR area and in the event of shtf linking up to create a stronger group of self reliant and like minded people. I’m not going to bring my supplies to your house and let you hold on to them so if that’s the kind of group you are count me out. My plan is bugging in for a set duration with specific triggers that will prompt me to bug out to another location. Hoping I can find people with a similar goal to know to get out while theres still getting out.

    • Hello, I am just on the border of Grand Rapids and have pretty much the same idea, I’d like a small piece of land for example and the basics at least, Have some good books and ideas and now I need to start little by little. I start a new job Monday so hopefully now I can afford to get going with it, I’d like to meet people that have some of the same interest somehow, I don’t know about you but so far my family has no interest it seems were few and far between for some reason? I’m 51 y.o so not looking to run around in the woods for miles on end shooting at things as so forth. I’d also kinda like to do some Urban exploration some weekend that would be a fun group.

  5. I know this post is a little old but i am in the gr outskirts and am looking for a prepping community. Not sure if you guys already formed something but the idea of gathering like minded people is a good one and i would like to join you.