Feb 122017

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Looking for a small cabin to rent on acreage in Park County Colorado, Can pay up to 600.00 per month or trade care taking/ security duties, Fire Mitigation/Tree Work, Construction or help with setting up long and short range communications systems (Ham Radio operator / Tower Climber ) also have older 28ft motor home that I currently live in and will need place to park it as well, off grid is fine as long as there is a wood or propane stove for heat ( I have solar panels ) Can help with any prep set up you may need to get property ready for occupation by retreat members. Currently living in motor home on small horse property near Bailey Colorado that has recently been sold and I need to move from by end of March 2017. Call Dennis at 720-281-2562 or email [email protected]


About me; 53 Years old, Ten + years US Army, Training in wilderness survival since age 13, Active member of County Search and  Rescue Team since 2005, General Class Ham radio Operator since 2004, Communications Tower Construction 12 years, Own and operate Tree Service Company doing Fire Mitigation and Residential Tree Work and also currently working for  other tree company clearing trees from power lines. Prepper since age 11 when I joined the Boy Scouts.

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  1. No longer have the motor home, it was broken into and destroyed by former landlord who also stole a chainsaw from me, nothing else was taken even though I had a lot of survival gear and food stored inside it at the time. currently renting a room in a house with two other guys and have very little storage space, but may be moving to a larger place with one of the roommates in the next couple of months, this place has about forty acres against the National Forest and would make a perfect retreat location, only problem is that I would still be renting and not owning the place.

    Still looking to possibly join with any others in this area who would like to form a group, or offer my assistance to any individuals or groups already set up, not looking to make money off of helping anyone, just offering to help, there are still too many people unprepared even for the most minor of incidents.


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