Feb 262018

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I am interested in finding a Christian Prepper group preferably living in a self-sustained community.  I live in Iowa but I would be more than willing to relocate to join a group.  I am an Air Force veteran with mechanical skills.  I have been working as a Software Engineer for the past 20 years and have experience in networking.

I am also have experience working on a farm and have done some construction work.


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  1. I wish you luck in finding a group like that. I represent a Christian based group in NE IL who are looking to relocate ourselves to SW WI. So relocating to join us, only to have to move again in the near future wouldn’t make sense. But it has been difficult to find qualified people to join our group, which currently numbers 8 families and about 35 people of all ages. We’ve been together for almost 4 years and have a stringent recruitment policy that not everyone can pass. We made it more difficult when we had potential members join after hiding various things in their past or current activities that would have kept us from accepting them in the first place. So I caution you about accepting any group, even ours, at face value. There are lots of pseudo Christian groups out there that are actually more militia minded than Christian.

  2. I am also looking for a Christian prepper area or others that are like minded in the Pennsylvania area or any area. Please let me know what you guys and girls find out. Thank you.

  3. Hello Mark T, All you need to do is search for Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group on this site and you’ll find out a lot about us. I am a former software engineer,too. Now I sell on eBay,Amazon,Shopify and a few other places, do SEO,Social media and Digital/Email marketing consulting to bring some extra income. Yah Bless, Will
    I’ll try to PM you.

  4. Hi mark i replied to your email, but unfortunately it may ended up in your spam folder or you missed it some how. send me another email or check to see if you have my email.

  5. Hi Mark i was wondering if you found a group yet?

    • Hi,

      I’ve not had any luck so far. It has made me consider starting my own group. I’m just not sure where to start so I’ve been reading up on what it might take to actually start such a group.


      • Have u found anything yet. What part of iowa are u from just county. Im from decatur along I35 south of Des Moines. I haven’t found any serious preppers that wanna put in the time it takes to build a group.

  6. I am also a Christian and looking for a group. I am currently in central Virginia. Let me know if anyone is interested.

  7. Have u found anything yet. What part of iowa are u from just county. Im from decatur along I35 south of Des Moines.