Mar 162019

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Looking to meet up with fellow preppers in the Santa Cruz/SLV area of California. Anybody out there?

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  1. Hello.. We are in the LA area! 🤗

  2. I am in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and go to Felton area about once a month. Not a hard core prepper, just starting to get a bug out bag together as beginning. we’re planning to take a CERT class, CPR and Advanced First Aid.

  3. I live in the Santa Cruz area and looking for others in prepper groups as well. Let me know if you are interested in meeting up sometime…

  4. heh, this PG&E controlled power outage hysteria is hilarious. this is why we prep. it’s really quite sobering to see how unprepared people are for any sort of emergency event.

  5. I live in Los Gatos and go back and forth to Santa Cruz a lot.

  6. We are on the westside of sc and would love to meet like minded people. Not sure if this thread is still active, but now even more we want to meet fellow preppers.

    • I do monitor this thread to see if anyone pops in, I’m interested in meeting others as well in the area. I work in SC so if your interested we could meet up at some point, of course with everything still on lock-down it’s a bit of a challenge.