Jan 102017

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Looking for fellow survivalist/preppers who would like to get out into the woods and practice some bush crafting. I live just outside of Anderson and spend a lot of time in the Hoosier National Forest practicing my skills. Would like to meet up with locals who share the same ideology.

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  1. I am from Elwood, and am looking to form group of like minded individuals, to learn from each other and to prepare for anything. I love the Hoosier national Forrest, collected a lot of geodes down there with my kids, it is a beautiful place. Would be nice to go on a survival expedition and learn all the wild edibles.

    • I have collected a few geodes while down there. I will be heading there at the end of march beginning of april. will be staying any where between 5-10 days in the woods. you are more than welcome to join in on the survival skill adventure. I will be mostly working on traps, building a nice shelter and some other simple bushcrafting skills. If you are up to it, we could one day meet up for lunch or something and start a local networking group of like minded individuals. wild edibles are my down fall. I know of like 3 up most of 5.
      Forever Survive,

    • Could be interested in meeting. Do you have an email I can contact you with?
      I am in Madison county, trying to organize a few more people.

  2. I have been prepping for a few years. I am not a spry young thing anymore, so spending days on ground in woods is no longer my thing. Did all that and got the shirt along the Appalachian trail years ago. I do have some knowledge and skills… Licensed ham radio operator, first aid. Would like to network with others in central Indiana.

  3. I live In Muncie. Wondering if you have a group formed already. Do you meet and where? Interested in making connection with group in EC.

    • We have evolved with another group- mostly prepping/ survival. There are a few of us, looking for more

  4. If you are like minded, especially in the Madison county area, I invite you to check out out my other group. We are mostly preppers, believe in the constitution, Christians.
    Looking for other like-minded people.

  5. I am looking for like minded “vikings”. If anyone is still on here.?.

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