Oct 052016

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I’m looking for a prepper group in or around Southern Wisconsin.

A bit about me:

Prior army infantryman
Have about 4 1/2 months of food saved up
Well stocked on guns and ammo
Decent knowledge of first aid
Numerous other minor skill

What I’m looking for:
A group of people who are getting together if/when things go south.
People who meet up 1-2 times a month to increase skills
People who have an actual plan on what to do in an emergency situation
People with similar beliefs.

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  1. I sent you an e-mail on this site

  2. While this post is a bit old I am interested still in collaborating with emergency plans and supplies.
    I am a biochemistry major so I have extensive knowledge in first aid and wisconsins wildlife. While I do not have any gins I do have a long and short bow (both of which I know how to use) as well as a compact crossbow. My dog is also a large asset in my bug out supplies. She is a 65lb bulldogge who is capable of pulling up to 130lbs going a sustained 10mph for up to 3hours.
    While I am a bit on the newer side to prepping I am taking it very seriously and trying to prepare myself physically and supplies wise.

  3. Longrifle and MKEmily, please email me at [email protected].

  4. Hey, I know this post is old but it’s worth a shot.

    From the Madison area.

    Experience combat medic, lot of national guard and deployment time. Good medical skills, spent most of my career in the light Infantry. Knowledgeable in prolonged field care and field hygiene concerns. Spent many a night in lean-to shelters, no stranger to the bush. Done my share of door kicker stuff.

    Have a wife, she shoots too. Both healthy enough to carry our own weight and more. She’s got years of child care skills if anyone has a family in the group.

    We’re armed, but fresh to prepping. I have the bug-out skills and gear but need some group guidance on home preparations, would love a friendly ear to bounce ideas off of.

    Hope this message finds you.

    – Jake

    • Jake, what’s your email. You and your wife sound like you may be assets to our established group. We’re in the Sparta area. If you’d rather not post your email ( I won’t post mine), you can go to my post here – I posted as Northstar Redoubt. A third party-OldNamVet has offered to connect interested parties through him. Thanks!