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hi everyone, I’m michelle. I have one daughter. I am 41, she is 3. I have been prepping for the last year. Building up on camp/survival gear, food, water, medical and toiletries. My soon to be ex doesn’t support me as a prepper. makes fun and puts me down. his problem.

Anyways. I can cook on a camp fire, or wood stove. and even start a fire in either. recently learned to do camp fire when its raining. I am also a seamstress, and can do some leather work and little jewelry work. also learned light fire arms and have my own bow and arrows. other misc weapons.

Plus, i have my own organic gardens, and have a ton of seeds in storage. I am also a licensed minister and can show credentials if requested. I am also a “super’ geek. I love world or usa history, earth or chemistry science, astronomy, biographies and spiritual studies from all walks of life. also 20+ years musician with violin, piano and native flute.  keeping it short and sweet. questions. contact me. thanks. michelle

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  1. Good for you, takes a lot to step out there. If you haven’t already check out the prepper forum associated with this site.
    There are some good groups out there and some to steer clear of. My advice is to continue to learn and store and try to find someone local you can trust who has similar interests. Garden groups etc. It can be frustrating and hard but your daughter is worth it.

  2. A prepper group meets on Mondays from 5 – 8 pm in the back room of Pizza Hut, 1815 N Glenstone Ave, Springfield MO.

  3. We have not defined a exact location yet in MO to form our group

  4. Greetings I read your post, and see that you have a better skill set than you know. I suggest looking into making a personal survival guide by quickly looking subjects you want information on and see how they used to be done. Old irrigation plans and know how can do nothing but help a garden, and perhaps bee keeping as well. Honey doesn’t go bad, has a ton of uses and will be valuable with trade, Wax for candles sorta comes with bee keeping, a little oil and some cotton and you have another trade good.
    It is more than just surviving, it is knowing who to trust and how much. You may contact me [email protected] and I can give you great advice and help you get set on your way.

  5. Have You had any success with finding a prepper group?

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