Aug 142020

hello I am ex military looking for a group.  I’m a mechanic, beginner blacksmith,jack of all trades. I have been certified in the past for volunteer first responder and have cls training.  I can train group members on proper firearm safety and othe wepon training. I can move just about anywhere and it would just be me if an emergency would happen i would have family in route 4 adults ad 1 child

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  1. Hi. Just found this site. I am in TX now but planning a move to central Tenn where some friends have a homestead on 50 acres of rural, forested hilltop land. Good elevation and option to build into hillside for passive solar and total privacy. They offered me space on their land, in exchange for helping them set up and manage gardens/greenhouse.

    My goal is to be off grid, secure, as self-sufficient as possible and ready for any SHTF scenario. I have some gear and resources, but am more of a novice. My late husband was the captain of our prepping but I lost him to cancer almost five years ago. I’d love to find a new partner to laugh, love and build a new independent life with, but finding like minded friends to share skills, resources, etc would be great! I’m early 50’s, no kids, no GMOs or junk, with a passion for food/herbs as medicine. I believe in a Divine Creator but not so much organized religion. I want to raise bees. I’m ready to get going, just trying to sell my house. But I’ll leave it behind if I have to. If you’d like to talk, I am hi frequency over at the proton mail place.

  2. Please both respond to Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group post. We are in northeastern Tenn.