Jul 172016

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A private patriot christian community is being built to survive hard times. Vetted members only

* if you are interested in building a safe, sustainable, patriot christian community with other like minded people in south eastern wv then apply within.

182 acres available in community, property is 1/2 mile long nestled in a hollow surrounded by mountains on all sides and hidden one way in and no thru traffic. 3 streams flow through land with wild food and hunting available. Fenced in fields for community use of goats. Other farm animals welcome like farm fowl ect. Community sawmill on site. Mountain timber for community use for outbuildings, cabins ect.

Looking for the following:

Like minded christian patriots
Skilled, hard working, motivated people
Ready to move people
Community minded folks
Must want to work together to build up this community! Rising tide raises all ships. Time is short.

A .999 fine silver dollar is needed to purchase your acre with paperwork.
Time is short, motivation to move immediately.
Means of sustainable off grid living like a camper, moterhome, personal delivered or diy built cabin, food, seeds, water storage, solar/wind/hydro, means for community and self defense, handheld ham radio, hand tools and personal medical supplies.
This place is lost in the mountains.

Apply by contacting me via email here: fadestyle(at)unseen.Is

Pics can be seen here: www.Tinyurl.Com/sanctuarypics

* http://www.Biblegateway.Com/passage/?Search=mark+13:13-15&version=nkjv

* http://www.Activistpost.Com/2012/10/the-one-most-important-question.Html

* http://www.Shtfplan.Com/emergency-preparedness/10-reasons-why-building-a-community-is-key-when-the-shtf_07242012


  12 Responses to “Looking for like minded Christian patriots to Join community.”

  1. Im trying to find a group to join near me in N.C. just north of Charlotte. If you can help me find some in my area, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

  2. This prepper group is still active 10/12/2016

  3. wish you were some where other than WV

    • Why is that buddy? no gov, no code enforcement, had a guy check the fallout map and we get our own micro climate since the jet stream that would normally carry any nuk fallout splits around our mountain and no fema camps. the fema camp in swv is fake since i have a friend that works at the prison and he said the info is false. taxes are low, they refuse to teach common core and obama lunches in school, they read the bible in class and pray in public school and there is less than 14000 in our entire county over thirty miles from any town/city of size and about 100 miles from anything of great size, no address, no e911, dirt road one way in, easily defended, most people had at one time 10 commandments signs in there yard and most believe in God here in the county, high elevation in case you think the oceans will rise, shielded in a hollow so protected from any low yield nuke blasts from any direction, natural coal seems in the areas with mineral rights, only one neighbor in a half of a mile, enough wildlife and wild food you wont need wouldnt need to store food back and would have to try and starve to death, deer, wild turkey, rabbit, wild pigs, bear, fish, quail, pheasant, all types of hard and soft wood, rumored to have gold… goodness i could go on.

      • ok so you have heaven in a shielded hollow I’m thinking a look see would not hurt but not here prepper (at) tutanota (dot) de email me directly and lets talk more
        Want to know more about us look at “Christians Looking to Relocate”
        Mar 14 2016

  4. Aug. 29 2017

    This group is still active. seeking solid vetted members ready to get involved with building a community.

  5. 3/5/18 this post and community is still active.

  6. 3/5/18 this post and community is still active. we are still here.

  7. Looking for prepper community to join in WV.. Would like info on how to contact your community, whats expected,whats needed, what part of WV???

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