Sep 062021

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hi there im a survivalist with many skills and looking at brainstorming with other like minded people , possibly create a team,make a plan and all contribute and learn everyone needs to bring skills to the table and will need some equipment , we need to head north in a safe zone if this is you , lets chat Cheers from edmonton

  6 Responses to “looking for like minded people”

  1. Here’s hoping some others will get in touch with you. lots of north country to lay low in.

  2. We are in Edmonton and are interested in getting to know other like minded people.

  3. I left Ontario a year ago to head to BC. I haven’t found my safe zone yet and now looking to head into Alberta. I have been looking at a spot between Calgary and Edmonton on the west so closer to the mountains…but fear that might be too far south. Email if you’d like to chat. [email protected] (2 underscores)

  4. Hi Digitalghostrider, We are seeking experienced preppers to take part in a community on private land that will be used in the event of a bug out situation. We are directing interested preppers to for more info if this is something that may suit your needs.