Sep 272020

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We are in the process of organizing a group of like minded individuals who are into being self reliant and sustainable living. Let’s face it, the world around us doesn’t seem to be getting any better. No matter how much security or preps you have you can’t stay awake 24/7 so we all will need like minded groups to stay alive. We are still going through the vetting process for new comers. A little bit about us and our group requirements;
About us; First and foremost, we are Christians. We own a 50 acre farm in Moore County, NC. We currently have goats and chickens. We just cleared a few more acres to expand pasture area. We also cleared a little more than an acre and a half to start a fruit orchard and to build a shop. We have a garden area with raised beds where we grow enough for 8-10 people and what we don’t eat we can. We have a small 1 1/2 acre stocked pond. I’m retired military and my wife is a stay at home mom. We are at the end of a three quarter mile gravel road so there is no through traffic. We have plenty of room to expand…….

Requirements; MUST be Christian! Must bring a skill set to the table (welding, carpentry, medical back ground, military back ground, mechanic, homesteading, gardening, communications, etc.). Must come with your own preps to sustain you for 6-9 months after that we should be rolling good with group level sustainment.

if you think you may be interested shoot us an email at deercreekfarm at ProtonMail dot com and we can talk, maybe set up a meet and greet and see if we mesh.

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  1. i I am Christian, I want to follow those who do follow our Lord. I understand things will be getting bad. Let me know if you have reached your capacity in prepper group. Email me at [email protected].

  2. Tell me what your vision is
    [email protected]

  3. I am a retired Army reserve flight surgeon who trained in general surgery. I practiced emergency medicine 15 years and urgent care 20 years. 15 years experience in disaster relief/austere medical care through FEMA. Worked in prehospital care as a paramedic in college and was medical director of EMS programs for 10 years.
    Can offer medical skills and advanced equipment as well as military skills.
    Would like to learn more about your plans, needs.

    [email protected]