Jul 122017

Hey everyone,

Really new to this. I’ve always been all about making sure to save things and not be wasteful, and have emergency supplies “just in case.” With the way the world is going, though, I want to do something more palpable, focused, and purposeful. I know there’s plenty of preppers in Idaho in Boise and northward. I live in Southeastern Idaho, though, so I wouldn’t be opposed to getting input, help, advice, etc. from experienced people in Utah, Montana, or Wyoming, too.

Thank you for adding me, I look forward to networking with you all.


  3 Responses to “Looking for like-minded people near/around SE Idaho”

  1. Hello from the Helena Mt. area. Also check in at the prepper forum connected with this site.

  2. I’m from the Logan Utah area

  3. my wife and I are looking for a safe place and not really sure they exist. I have good skill set looking for location. contact me here if you have anything.