Feb 102022

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Hi, I’m looking for someone who would like to build a community or someone who see’s what is coming and would like someone to work with. I’m a AF-AM if that should matter not to me but to some it does, my wife and I is 58 years old and have been preparing for about a 2 years, we just understand that it will take a village to make it thru what is coming. If you would like to work together and see what we can do please reply. We are located in North Florida southwest of Jacksonville.

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  1. Hi tvmac,

    My wife and I are in our 40s and in good shape/health. Skills, I’m a former biologist, I can shoot and have experience on a vareity of weapons. My wife is a nurse practitioner with significant medical skills – she also used to work in the ER. We have acquired most of the food and equipment needed to ride out a grid down scenario for at least one year. The problem is that we live in a high population density area of Jupiter, FL. We are also seeking a like-minded group that is not too distant to drive to in a SHTF scenario. Let me know if you’d like to chat.

  2. I’ve been from east to west and from west to east again in search of that which was lost. If you might have found it, contact me. I sat in the EAST in three different states.
    While I am not in Florida, I am situated such that I have a great deal to offer the right type of individuals.
    I have been a “seafaring man, headed for Ethiopia…”

  3. Hey tvmac.

    I know the post is a bit dated, but we (myself, my wife and 2 boys) are also looking for people who understand what’s coming and are interested in sharing ideas on how to deal with the future. We are in the same area and would be interested in chatting if you are open to it. Feel free to message me at your convenience.

  4. Just stumbled on this site so learning my way around. For now…I am in the Tampa Bay area. Well prepped and very capable…waiting for SHTF any day now but until it does looking for job to relocate to rural Jax area. From other sites, there seem to be more like-minded ppl that area.

  5. My wife and I are in Palatka and would like to meet with like minded people as well. We have been canning and would love to meet with an experienced canner , to assure we are doing right.

    We have chickens for eggs, a garden and about a dozen young fruit trees. We sit on just shy of 4 acres.