Dec 042016

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Hi everyone

I am a sole parent 3boys..2young men and a little boy. I’m concerned as I see things others don’t. I want a plan but everyone around me is ignorant to the mainstream media. Cyber attacks daily on researching truth..not conspiracy s. So I’m looking forward to hear others. I’m resourceful . farm skills. Great cook when not much to cook. I want to be prepped. Not a matter of if its “its” coming. Its when..I do have things useful for a bunker and help yet. Or support or advise as ppl see me as crazy..and I’m not.. They are asleep

  2 Responses to “Looking for like minded ppl”

  1. Hi pnoonan,

    I just found this site from an internet search of Preppers in Victoria. I’m in Melbourne and looking to connect with like minded peppers also. You have 6 boys! Congratulations and well done! It must be a lot of work, but rewarding I’m sure.

    I’m a Carpenter and very interested in Prepping and Urban survival. But I guess that if things really go wrong…. I’ll be bugging out rather than staying put in Melbourne.

    Oh yeah…. YOUR NOT CRAZY!


  2. Yep, lots of things could trip the reset button. Economic meltdown probably the closest but who knows? Could easily get blindsided by WW3 or a pandemic – both of which will happen sooner or later. City not the place to be when it all goes to hell in a handbasket but most of us have no choice – have to make a living don’t we?

    I’ll be out of here as soon as I can find some vacant land on/very near the Coast. Will keep the bush retreat though – perfect place to hunker down if it comes to that (pandemic) – horrible access, end of the track, has electricity but who knows how long that will last and I have solar/generator backup anyway, permanent high country trout stream (4,000ft) with plenty of game. Suits the wannabe alternate lifestyle part of me 🙂

    Good luck you two, we should all do what’s best for ourselves.