Mar 032018

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I am forming a brand new community in Southern Missouri in the beautiful Ozarks. There is plenty of timber, water, and shelter that can be made.

This is an ideal location for a pole shift, the big bad earthquake, etc. This is because its west of West Plains but far enough away from the big city of Springfield, MO. Plenty of security and privacy.

I am looking for partners to join with me in this adventure. These partners will be the founders and decision makers for this community. I am looking between five to ten people only including myself. There will be a buy in with a trial period.

If you already have the equipment and the transportation you can already bring to the table, then you can immediately be a partner after you are vetted. Everything you have would become community property. That would be a huge jump start getting the community another step off the ground.

That is a personal decision. But, to me if you have invested hard work and paid your dues for it, then you should not have to pay for the land or buy in. Become an instant owner and a decision maker for this amazing opportunity. If not, of course keep what is yours!

Others that join the community after five years in the community, can have a buy in. Those new members can explore the community and contribute to get a feel it is for them. They will just pay a monthly or a yearly fee.
I already have permission from the owner to build this community with no issues.

It will be limited resource for electric, water, cell phone, & internet for now. I want to be off grid. If you cannot do without & need all the modern conveniences this opportunity is not for you currently..

We will have military experience, experienced preppers, teachers how to cook, garden, construction, basic survival skills, basic medical care. I want people to have a skill set. You need to be able to protect the community. Not be passive if help is needed! This is a very important rule!

Once our community is established with basics, we will working on a goal to have underground survival. We will be working on it in steps or phases.

We all will be a new family of survivalists /preppers. We have to rely and trust each other. There will very strict rules in place and bylaws.  There will be extensive backgrounds checks that will be done. There will be random drug tests. No tobacco or or drugs will be allowed!!

We will be able to work, contribute, & create products that we can sell to keep the community going.
It is not for families for now.

I have a lot of amazing ideas & designs that I need help with from paper to the finished product!

  6 Responses to “Looking for like minded survivalists joining a new community in the Ozarks!”

  1. would like to talk with you
    do you have an email i can write to?

  2. Please contact me directly. Thanks, Kurt

    [email protected]

  3. Interested, how is it going??

  4. Have you started your community yet?

    • I was trying 3 years ago. So, many people interested but would not get up and do anything. Complaining could not make payment on the land. But all of us would own it together being equal. You have to start from scratch. I had 120 acres and permission to build the community. Even 5 of us together pitching in could make land payment. No one wanted to do a background check either. We could not just live together not being safe. We all have to on our jobs we work. Minor stuff we do not care about. Everything is confidential. I have amazing ideas. I was going to do this this year while working. Coming back to Missouri. pandemic is here lives changed no one listened to me.. I knew things were going to happen. and I will get back home .

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