Jul 212017

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I am not a group or organization, nor do I teach any classes.  I am a Woodswoman/Survivalist seeking Survivalists and Preppers in their 30’s and 40’s.  I am located in Upper Marlboro, and looking for people with a lot of stamina, within reasonable distance for weekend excursions into the woods and possibly camping at some point.  Big game hunters and gun enthusiasts welcome.

I believe that work compatibility is just as important for survival in the woods as skill set, which is why I am appealing to this age group.

  3 Responses to “Looking for Maryland Survivalists”

  1. Still interested in weekend excursions? I’m interested in meeting other peepers/survivalists located in MD.

  2. Are you still around? Maryland is about to be on lockdown and it could be really disastrous.

    Are you part of any A.N.T.S. or ERT groups?