Sep 092019

Are any of you still looking to form a group in North Dakota ? One of the last things we are missing is a group . We are a family of 3 and have been prepping for years and we are located in central North Dakota. Thank you

  4 Responses to “looking for North Dakota preppers”

  1. Hey I live near Mandan and am interested. You can contact me if you want. 7018051453

  2. There is a North Dakota prepper group on Facebook. Join the main group Prepper Survival Network and answer the 3 questions to join. Then request to join North Dakota Prepper Survival Network.

  3. I see this message is been posted awhile ago I live in central ND and if still looking might be interested, also family of 3.

  4. I live in FLORIDA, its my mom 85yrs old and me mid 50’s with two dogs and cat. We are looking to prep with others the SHTF very soon. My email [email protected].