Oct 102016

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I am both looking for other like-minded people in the Northeast Ohio/Cleveland region who are interested in prepping just to talk to and to possible start up some kind of MeetUp group (whether through the app or not). I have seen that there are a number of people interested, but I’m just trying to gauge whether there might be some more serious people people out there before spending the monthly fee, and potentially getting random or simply curious people.

I, myself, am a longtime researcher and writer. I am currently working on a SHTF fiction series, as well as a couple other projects. I have studied and practiced many skills in regards to preparedness, but would love to get a diverse group of people together to meet up and cross-train, discuss, practice, and learn new skills. If this leads to people forming more permanent bonds, that would obviously be a plus for everyone. Most importantly, though, I would like to try and help get people in the area who are interested in any forms of preparedness working together and learning from each other.

If you have any interest or thoughts on this, feel free to respond here. Signup is free, so I won’t just give my email out on a Google searchable post… But if you leave yours, I will certainly get back to you.

  6 Responses to “Looking for Northeast Ohio preppers”

  1. Hello I’d be interested. Cleveland westside here

  2. Frankiegreyman (at) hotmail

  3. I am also interested. A meetup is a great idea.

  4. I am interested in meeting other like minded people. [email protected]