Aug 172021

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Looking for preppers & or groups in the kingston and surrounding area.

Single 41 yr old female prepper

Interested in gardening, foraging, food preservation, homesteading

Plan to start a food preservation business, have everything I need to get started except space & produce

Looking for like minded individuals to talk to and potentially a business partner if the right circumstances presented themselves

Country girl at heart stuck in the city due to finances and I dont drive which complicates things

Searching for my escape from the chaos and bs of the society we’re all surviving today. Life can be different

If interested in chatting feel free to message me [email protected]

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  2 Responses to “Looking for ontario prepper groups kingston surrounding area”

  1. Hello. I’m in Kingston. Brand new to this site. I’m looking for like minded people as well. Would love to make contact with you

  2. I have a small apiary…smaller now as I lost 4 of my 5 hives this fall. But plan on rebuilding it all this spring