Aug 172018

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Being in a very liberal state (Oregon) have found it very difficult to find like minded conservatives for preparing for survival while serving the Lord Jesus. Liberals are becoming increasingly hateful and intolerant to anyone Christian or conservative. I’ve put up local ads and 99% of the responses are from people who smoke pot or are unreliable in some way and many of the people I have come across seem to be very liberal minded and hostile to Christians.

I have a good chunk of some pasture and wooded land in the coastal mountains forest and hope to find someone who has an RV or trailer and would like to find a rent free, off grid spot to setup on. It has good fertile land, a 2000 sq ft garden spot, goats, a barn, a chicken coop, two year round creeks with mountain spring water. The area is abundant with elk, deer salmon, and other wildlife.  Please pray that the Lord would send a person or family who loves Jesus and are ethical, honest, and reliable. I moved out here about 4 years ago to escape the partying and noise in the local city, but now feel very isolated and all alone, just wondering what the Lord would have me do. I have to think there are others out there wanting to escape Babylon. I read so much, even on here, about the $20 trillion debt and likelihood of some economic collapse getting closer every day. Its hard to take care of my farm all on my own and be able to prep at the same time. If I had some help from good people who need a safe place it would be such a blessing. Thanks All!

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  1. Hi. As a prepper myself I honestly believe you are giving out a lot of information to early about what you have going on. Its great that you want to open up and meet new people and offer the things you’ve mention. But as a liked minded person it seems like a great goal to work towards but also very suspicious at the same time. About how much information you are willing to put out in your ad so soon. Just my opinion. I am up in Washington but frequently visit family and friends down in Oregon, I am always open to making new likely minded friend if you’re interested.

    • Hi, thanks for your words of caution but I’m not exactly not sure what part sounded suspicious or was put out too soon. If you want to PM me to tell me more that would be great.

  2. My family and I live in the NW corner of Oregon and help at a mission church. We are also looking for like-minded.people. Hopefully you have found at a few in your area.
    Always open to talk and share info.

  3. What part of Oregon are you located? My name is Mary. I am married to my husband Matthew but everyone calls him matt. We are Christains as well. I agree with everything you are saying. Most of the people I come across are hostile for Christians. I do believe we live in the end of days or very close and it’s a matter of time before Jesus comes for us. Well you can reach me at [email protected]. hope to hear from you. Have a blessed day.

  4. Do you know Wranglerstar? Cody.. Hes a youtuber he lives out those ways.

  5. I agree we are like minded would like to continue conversation if u r interested

  6. Coming out of Babylon and following THE LAMB : )
    I am in Alsea, OR…west and between Corvallis and Eugene.
    SWF (54, single, white female or friend)…
    Might buy camper or fall in love ?
    Let’s chat ?
    “May your light so shine before men, that they may
    see your good works and glorify your Father,
    which is in heaven. Matt 5:16

  7. Hi, I am a single 49 year old remnant bride christian…
    I am trying to get out of the city. I am an independent minister and I walk in miracles and the supernatural through the power of the Holy Spirit. Please contact me at [email protected]

  8. wish you lived closer. Im looking for people in Kentucky.

    • Hi, Please contact me at [email protected] or 3307801901.
      How far are you from Akron, OH? I can drive there and stay there while.preparing… on ssi so i dont have to show up for work…
      Thanks and Yahshuanis Lord. AMEN