Mar 172017

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Hi my name is Thamara

I’m looking for other preppers to join with in Baxer County TX.  My experiences are in the Medical field, I worked 7 years as an EMT in NYC as well as 4 years as a Medical Assistant in NYC.  I love to plant, and study all about edible wild plants.

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  1. Hi Thamara, did you mean Bexar County, Texas? If so, I live on the far west side, sea world area. I’m a paramedic myself, and also a former Marine. I am weak at planting/gardening though. Drop me a line if you are interested.

  2. If you are still looking for a group you may want to contact: San Antonio & Area Mutual Assistance Group-D12.


  3. If your still looking let us know. We are looking to expand our MAG.

    • Hello A_J,
      We registered on that site this evening, however their links for donation and completing registration are not hyperlinked to donate and finish registering. there was no way to contact the site admin. currently our registration is pending approval. do you have a way to contact them and let them know the hyperlinks are not working on the bottom of the registration screen for donation?

  4. issue resolved on registration. thanks