Jul 172020

I’m a Christian woman looking to join with other preppers. I’ve lived with homesteaders and learned foraging there, which I went on to teach to others. I know the plants of the North East and Tennessee and North Carolina, can learn others. I can also contribute the counseling skills I’ve made my other career. I’ve done bare bones country living but as a healthy senior I’d prefer now some amenities, like indoor plumbing and electricity. If you have a community or just want to chat and exchange info, please reach out to me.

  2 Responses to “Looking for other preppers”

  1. Hi Madeline.

    I am also a Christian prepper (and a healthy young senior). Relatively new to prepping. I live in Panama after moving here last year from Alabama. It’s a beautiful country and feels much safer than the U.S. I fear things are going to go downhill even further in the U.S. within the next year or so.

  2. Please check out and respond to Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group or
    contact me at willswebservice at comcast dot net