Sep 162016

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> Are you looking to join a group or willing to start a new group with the goal of surviving whatever scenario may come our way?
> Are you willing to relocate?
> I have found a place in the mountains of Pennsylvania that is prime for a retreat that meets all the requirements, which any true prepper would look for when choosing a place.
> We are looking for a couple good individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to creating and building a retreat that will give us the best possible chance to survive whatever comes next.
> I am in Texas and have a trailer and a lot of supplies which need to be moved to the location, but I have no truck or means by which to move it.
> If you are looking for a place and are willing to relocate and help me to move this trailer and supplies, then let’s talk about what we can do to get this done and begin the work of developing a self sustainable retreat. This is an opportunity where we can be prepared for whatever may come.
> If interested you can email me at apissedoffredneck {at} outlook {dot} com leave your number and best time to call and let’s talk.

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  1. I’m looking for other preppets in Australia

  2. I am interested in learning more.

    I currently reside in PA and do not plan to move anytime soon. I have lived in PA for over 5 years now and would be interested in learning more.

    I have been preparing for some time and really am looking to pick-up the pace of my training, learning, and preparations.

    Please reply if interested in following up.

  3. all fine and well but as much as i enjoy working with, learning from, and teaching others i will have to first somehow find someone with a truck to help relocate me and my supplies to pennsylvania before i would be able to really do far as working with you.
    i know some would say that emails would work for discussing issues of prepping and a good way to transfer documents which could also help but at the same time with the new policies of the nsa and others we now know that anyone anytime anywhere can be spied on digitally without any warrant and with no expectations which eliminates any chance of me having any h3desire to discuss much via the internet.
    if i am able to find someone with a truck who is willing to relocate or willing to hire on to move me and my supplies to pennsylvania i would be happy to talk with you and possibly work together.

  4. I am looking to relocate just about anywhere. Depending on the size of the trailer I own an rv that might be capable of moving it.
    My skills. Special forces medic. I have designs for greenhouses that produce year round. Designs for building generators. Designs on alternative fuel sources. Powering combustion engines from rain water.
    Msg email [email protected]
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  5. I grew up on a farm in PA.

    Might be interested going back.

    Have you already purchase a site in PA? What part of PA: north, south, east , west, central?

  6. Hi. My name is Eli. I’ve been a active individual in the off grid/prepper categories over the past 5 years. I am interested in this opportunity and I do have the ability to help. Email me at [email protected] and we can go from there.

  7. Interesting post. While I am not a classic prepper, I am part of a group that is forming for the purpose of purchasing a large lot of land in central Pa. our target goal is 24 months, lot size about 40 acres, group size of 15 owners we currently have8-9. We have builders, electricians, a chemist, two US Marines, and more.
    Anyone wishing to join, please reply here. When the land purchase is made, everyone will be titled, no money will exchange hands until closing, and a real estate attorney will be involved. We are all honest, we all work full-time, and are ready to move forward with our plan. We are all gun owners, and all law-abiding citizens. Look forward to hearing from anyone that may be interested.