Jun 222016

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240 Acre Homestead

Ponds, creeks, caves, pastures, forest – isolated – 30 minutes from nearby city.

Have 60 acres of pasture, and 180 of forest.

Will be building green-houses, edible forest garden, etc.

Have goats, chickens, ducks, and will be getting cows in the future.

Looking for like-minded preppers to join our community.

Apartments for rent on site – brand new – on grid – but will be prepped for off-grid living in future – solar array and rain catchment.

Locations on site for trailers or RVs and hook ups.

Rent will be paid until government collapses at which time we will not worry about trivial things such as money. 🙂

Looking for people to move on site that have the time and interest in preparing for the future – putting in perennial gardens, working with livestock, building ponds and rain catchment systems etc.

Looking for people that not only want a place to live out the apocalypse, but people that want to become a part of a community – a part of a family.

Sounds like a good fit for you? Email me at genpurematt at gmail dot com or call three16.9nine3.60zero2

Let me know your skills, interests, etc.


  5 Responses to “Looking for permanent members – 240 acre Ozark Homestead – apartments for rent, RV hook-ups”

  1. My husband and I would like to get in contact with you about becoming part of the family.

  2. Hi everyone, just a little update:

    Our community is growing fast, we have had two new members join and move here from Texas, one from St. Louis area, another member possibly joining from Baltimore, as well as a whole family from Dallas area. We are also in discussion with 6 other members/families at this time. We are in the process of aerating/stocking our pond with fish, constructing barns for our animals that will be solar powered. We are retrofitting one well with a hand pump, the second well will have generator hook-up, and the third well will be dug soon and will be powered by solar as well. We are purchasing a tractor on October 1st so we can grow large quantities of food/hay/grains. We are fitting our 50×100 foot workshop with rain-catchment. We are building a wallapini style green-house as well as some regular hoop-houses. We have been incredibly busy as of late, so please be patient with my responses to your e-mails.

    Also – my internet has not been working for awhile out here in the sticks. If you are interested in our community please give me a call instead of e-mail (or if you e-mail please be patient).

    My phone number is 5seven3-4six6-911zero (cell) and 5seven3-3four2-45two9 (home). Feel free to call anytime.


  3. Matt can you please call 5seven3 4six8 three1three6 room 1two3

  4. Is what it is. No hard feelings to you. I found a ride via semi…a flying j was nearby…to Arizona.
    No one I guess paid much attention to a couple details. My rv, registered in a different name…I have the id for that name. The crossbow delivered to me there in another different name. Don’t think anyone saw my credit card again another name.
    I was totally honest with you. I am SpecOps. I am a medic. What is in my background I have no idea. That information is what is placed and safe for viewing. My records are sealed. I can not even access my actual background. I have my file. Wouldn’t have done much good however since 90% of it is lined out. A copy so you can’t even attempt to view the print under.
    I have unloaded disappointed that since I was booted no one thought it important not to toss my things around. Much of my stuff is useless, broken from mis handling. Much of my things were taken. I loaded nothing that I did not come there with yet it was taken. Not pleased having a gun drawn on me. No clue why. I never did anything to anyone to deserve a gun drawn on me.
    Something you need be aware of. There is a thief among you. Not refering to my stuff taken. A thief there taking little things here and there. I saw it. Found some of my stuff that came up missing among their stuff. Found some of your missing things among their stuff. So far it has been all small things though it does add up. I never said anything planning to catch them taking something that would be difficult to explain away. I openly listened to many conversations never saying a word. Some of the stuff doesn’t add up. Not refering to the mess coming from CM. (Using initials from radio). Keep an eye open and watch your back. Not everyone is what they seem