Aug 162019

Hello my name is jack. i’ve been prepping as long as i can remember. we have a humble little group always looking to expand. our name is CDRT or Colorado disaster readiness team. we do have baseline requirement to join, but nothing crazy. we pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in many categories including food prep, water prep, fuel prep, pro 2A, pro constitution, knowledgeable in ham radio and basic CPR, and most of all pro judaocritian values. if this sounds like you please let me know and we can exchange info. times are tough, best we stick together.

  4 Responses to “looking for potential candidates to our humble group, Denver metro area.”

  1. Hi, I am interested in learning more about your group

  2. I am also interested in your group.

  3. I could say I’m experienced prepper (if there is such thing), with wide range of skills, lived through country and economy collapse. So I have practical experience and knowledge of prepping, and I’m looking for an active group or prepping minded people. I spend at least a few hours daily on prepping, so if your group does more than just meeting once or twice a month, hit me. [email protected]

  4. I am interested in the group.