Apr 052018

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iur preppergroups.com bannerWe are a cohesive group of like-minded singles, couples, elders, teens and children that by unity have come together to prepare for the coming times of financial hardship and cataclysmic events that could challenge our way of living as we know it today – sharing knowledge, skills, resources and labor to ensure our future and well-being.

We are looking for sound, responsible, service-minded individuals to join our community who are willing to share positive skills. Our current members have a variety of skills including maintenance, farm work (livestock and agriculture), teachers, doctors, permaculture, mechanics, electricians, paramedics, dentists, and security, all professions and skills are accepted.

All faiths, cultures and individuals who are passionate about preserving life and taking care of day-to-day operations are encouraged to join.

We accept well socialized dogs, cats and birds.


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  1. hello everyone, I’m Brian, I’m a single survivalist, I’m 43 this would be me and my Husky puppy Quintana Roo, I’m a former Surgical Tech/ EMT-B from New Jersey, I have a background in Marine Biology, I taught SCUBA through out the US and Canada before I worked on elaborate home aquariums and aquaculture projects, later I became an ESL teacher internationally and finally ended up participating in international medical missions. I speak a handful of languages, I get along great with everybody, I’ cool, calm , collected when the shit hits the fan. Alaska looks very promising to shelter for the shift and survive after and frankly, Quin and I want some company. I’m pretty well technically inclined, but teachable as well, I can motivate a crowd very well. I’ve been running a prepress co., North Star Vega, here in New Jersey and successfully acquiring samples of gear, food, ect…. even though NJ will obviously not be here. So please let me know if I can help, how I can help , and if Quintana and I may join you
    Brian. [email protected]. 856-296-5222