Apr 242020

Hi all again,


I noticed some activity on the form and want to send another post again. I live in Frederick, MD, New to prepping. would like to meet other like-minded people. You can message me on the form or by email [email protected]     Look forward to hearing from anyone!

  5 Responses to “Looking for Preppers in Maryland”

  1. Have you had any luck meeting others interested in prepping?

  2. Frederick seems like it would be full of preppers. 🙂 I know one guy up there but not sure he’s out here. Check MeetUp! I’m down in Rockville and was able to find a MeetUp group in Olney. Good luck!

  3. Aloha.

    Just came back from Hawaii. Former Medic now living in Laurel MD. Look for like minded people as well. I want to network with fellow guys here. Big Family in MD. I can help with Emergency Medicine. here my email if you guys want to connect.

    Mahalo nui.


  4. if you want to reach out type in my username + @gmail.com. Subject ALOHA Prepper.

  5. Hello my friend are you still looking for preparedness minded people in your area?