Jul 032016

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Hi there, I’m a prepper that’s in the military. I’m new to the website and looking for preppers in savannah Georgia.  Ill be stationed in Fort Stewart in February. I’m looking for individuals who are preppers that can contribute to a group. If you’re interested in talking about what can happen in the area let me know. If we have similar ideals then id like to see if you would be interested in a group and coming up with plans. What can you do to help out basically is what I’m looking for.

There is multiple scenarios that can happen in savannah that id like to bring up. and we can discuss our interests together to develop a plan.

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  1. have you found any other like minded people in this area? I am also from the Savannah area and was hoping to come across some others. I would consider myself a newbie in a sense. I’ve learned a lot about prepping and homesteading (which I plan on doing…become a homesteader) I just have yet to implement a lot of things.
    I’m interested in getting a group going and being able to learn and teach each other different skills. If you have some people already or still looking let me know!!

    • If you’re in the savannah area then id love to chat. I’d want to know some information about you as i have a wife that would also be in the group. She’s going to school as of now in the medical field and I’m in the Army. My email is [email protected] if you wish to contact me and discuss more

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