Mar 212016

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Hi, I’m looking to connect with like minded preppers in the middle / east Tennessee area.

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  1. You can contact me @ professionaljoat at gmail dot com

  2. Hi everybody my name is Pete I’m from North Jersey and I was looking to relocate in Tennessee I have a seven and 10-year-old and was concerned about the core curriculum in the state is it a problem or can you opt out of it in certain counties also I’m a carpenter and I’m about to go take a 300 hour course on solar energy and I was wondering with there be a market for my talent down there and my wife is also a home cleaner and office cleaner I was wondering if you guys had room for us in the great state of Tennessee thanks so much for any replies I really appreciate it

    • Tennessee has several large and medium metropolitan areas, a number of tourist attractions and towns-cities that basically are tourist attractions all their own, and a booming highway service industry, which means depending on where you settle, if your wife is willing to transfer into hotel cleaning, there is work waiting for her – it’s one of the hotel-motel areas that make or break reviews and one where there’s regular staff turnover and a solid asset is always welcome. There are upscale and mid-scale home-cleaning agencies and private work is always possible, and there’s office-cleaning agencies just like anywhere else. Make sure she gets lots of personal references together and be prepared for background checks.

      Carpentry ebbs and flows to the economy along with construction and custom cabinetry. Solar has a couple of areas of interest, from off-grid types, backup energy types, and LEED types. It would probably make you more hireable for some of the construction sub-contracting companies, and there are a couple of existing installation and maintenance agencies in various TN cities.

      Jump on the job hunt sites to see where you booth have the most listings, then research the past listings. Someplace that has a history of needing both skills regularly is going to be safer for employment in the long run. I’d find a job before I moved, but that’s me.

      Common Core is getting to the point where it’s hard to dodge, period. They took the parental opt-out of testing out of the window-dressing bill from this year, so … you may want to research private schools and homeschooling if it’s a game changer for you.

    • Pete do you have a brother named david

  3. i have a place in east tn