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Good day Preppers/Survivalists.

Greetings from South Africa.

I am interested in starting a prepper survival group farm in South Africa.

The idea is to get a self-sustaining farm in South Africa, where people can evacuate to, in case of a major disaster.

I have been following preppers and survivalists for a long time and am myself a keen prepper.

My experience is I have 25 years of military and police experience.

I am just testing the possibility of like-minded preppers/survivalists joining me in this endeavour.

As we are all aware there is a general awareness tendency to prepare for end times or other catastrophic events or incidents which could alter the world as we know it.

Many persons have elaborate plans to evade these events by creating bug out locations and survival plans.

However there are significant weak points in these strategies.

The biggest foreseen are location.

If you have a plan and it’s situated right in the middle of a war zone, your plan will ultimately fail.

In order to properly evaluate a situation let’s use a scenario like the Jews in the Second World War.

Lots of them had abundant monetary resources and were in prominent influential positions, however when they were targeted by the Germans all that fell away.

All the options quickly disappeared, bug out to a safe secluded location, armed resistance etc.

In the end some of the fortunate few were able to escape with some cash and the clothes on their back. These people were in spite of very uncertain circumstances, the fortunate ones.

They were left at the mercy of elements that were totally out of their control, unknown people aiding them, at great risk to these helpers, aiding them to escape.

They had to undergo terrible hardships to evade the police, army and informants.

Lots of them were captured and executed on the spot or taken to concentration camps.

You can imagine the horror of seeing your loved ones executed in front of you.

However if you take the exactly same scenario that was unfolding in all these affected areas Germany, Poland etc. , and compare it to England ,USA and Switzerland, the extermination of these people had no effect in these safe zones.

To cut a long story short, the location they were in protected them for all these hardships regarding the holocaust in these areas.

I wish you to think out of the box and consider moving to a totally safe location.

We wish to point out to u that South Africa could be one of the safest locations.

This of course won’t mean you have to leave your beloved country permanently, but you could consider it as an extended vacation, with the option of returning back when everything is back to normal again.

We base our evaluation of South Africa being a safe destination on the following:

It is on a total other continent.

We have very few natural recorded disasters compared to USA.

It is a beautiful country with moderate climate and lots of sunshine.

The mineral resources, gold, diamonds have been mined for decades and it has now become too costly to continue mining.

A prophet Siener van Rensburg which is considered by many as a African Nostro Damus foretold of a 3rd world war in which Great Britain, USA , Germany and the USSR will be involved.

This war will have devastating consequences on the nations.

He further predicted that South Africa will be one of the safest countries during these periods.

What is amazing about this Siener van Rensburg was the fact that he was able to advise the boer commando that he was in, how to evade capture from superior forces against them, and he would say to them what events would happen for example one of them would be wounded in the left shoulder, the following day, which came true.

It is further noteworthy that all cultures are aware of very uncertain times, and predict an end of the world scenario example Incas etc.

This tendency is shared by all the people in the world, this being the reason for preppers and survivalists awareness lately.

Our plan is to purchase a farm in South Africa for approximately 4 million dollars, which will be used to have a safe haven during this period.

We want to equip the farm to be totally self-sufficient.

We estimate this farm to house approximately 10 families, with the possibility of expanding this amount in future

The farm will have a spring or river running thru it and it will have windmills for extracting underground water resources and buildings will have rain water catching facilities, and at a later stage we want to place a water out of air treatment plant.

For electricity purposes it will have solar panels and wind power electrical generators.

We will have livestock, cattle sheep goats and chickens.

We will further be planting several grain types in order to feed the people and livestock on the farm.

The farm will further be stocked with live wild game, at a later stage a share holder will be able to shoot a quota of wild game.

The farm will be fenced off and the housing part will be surrounded by an in penetrable security wall with alarm and electrical fence.

There will be a main building in the inner enclosure which will be the headquarters and will have security office, several halls including a main hall for recreational facilities.

The farm will have weapons and reloading of ammunition facilities, for the protection of the members.

We will further have an emergency plan and will supply self-defence, military training and weapons training for all members.

We will also have a first aid clinic on the premises for treatment of sick / injured persons.

People will have to consider that we live in a global village and are inter dependant of each other for example food comes from certain areas, oil, clothing, military basis outside the country etc., this concept has been adopted by governments, shouldn’t we also look at these possibilities.

I am writing to you this letter to enquire if you would be interested in being part of this plan and if you could introduce this to appropriate interested persons.

It is also noteworthy to observe the skies for celestial predictions as the bible and other religions refer to heavenly signs – blood mood that is being experienced now.

The USA has also started to invest in South Africa to the amount of billions – The USA government and big industries know something that we don’t know.

If necessary I will submit a plan.

For further details kindly contact me by e-mail [email protected]

Kindly take note that at this stage this is only an idea.

I am just testing the market to ascertain if people would be interested in this idea.

Yours faithfully

Berto Ramos

(South Africa)

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  2 Responses to “Looking for Preppers to join South Africa Survival farm group”

  1. Hi Berto,

    I am staying (actually born and bred in the WC and and stays in the little coastal town of Gordon’s Bay. I am very interested in your ideas and have been thinking about this for a cosiderable amount of time.

    Although I have some outdoor experience I would not call myself a fundi but rather “Jack of all trades”. Over the years though, I have accumulated a lot of info, skills and experience in various avenues of bushcraft, etc. I am currently honing my skills in knifemaking and related and must say I think that I’m doing rather well, albeit a little slow. I am also currently busy building myself an archery set which could be changed from recurve to longbow within seconds as it is a takedown bow. This is just some of what I’m whiling my time with as I have recently been “unemployed” and unfortunately my age counts against me (57 yrs) in finding proper employment.

    There are other skills in which I am fairly conversant but won’t say that I’m expert in, which could amount for something on the bartering front.

    Where are you situated and how far are you with your plans? I am trying to see if I can get hold of an old Landy (“beg, borrow or steal”) to rig it as a BOV but I suppose I’ll have to wait ans see if I can raise the finances to do that!

    You can contact me on [email protected] and we could continue our discussion and shared interests on a more leisurely level.

    Regards and hoping to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi Berto,

    I have bought property in the Free State close to Drakensberg for the coming pole shift event, have you made any progress on your side?


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