Jan 272020

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Hello. Interested in finding a like minded group to be prepared for whatever may come. Have various skills including rough carpentry, butcher skills, LEO firearms instructor, 1 time assistant chef, Some small medical training, and more. Currently 50 years old and wife is 43, no kids. Recently started into this and getting supplies as time and $ allow. Open minded on learning or teaching skills as needed.

Thank You

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  1. We have an established group and retreat site in northern Michigan (lower Peninsula). If interested hmu

    [email protected]

  2. 42 years old. Married for 18 years. 3 children. 16, 12, and 6. Live in s.e. michigan. Interested in this post. Looking to get together with like minded people to be safe and prepared. Lets talk.

  3. Have you folk looked at American Contingency? https://americancontingency.locals.com or watch First Video Entry American Contingency on YouTube,

  4. Hi I am a 46 year old heavy duty diesel mechanic who has been prepping for years now, I have been married for going on 20 years but we have no children. I have met with several groups over the years but have mostly run into people that are either not serious at all or they want to hole up and do nothing but pretend they are all special forces.

    What I am looking for is a group of people who are calm, serious, intelligent, trustworthy, and understand that survival takes determination, thoughtfulness, and community.

    What I offer is an experienced mechanic who has professionally worked on about everything that floats drives or flies, I am versed in rough carpentry and ok with finish carpentry, I have a lot of the typical skills like hunting shooting camping and such I also reload my own ammo. My wife owns a horse and is versed in training and riding.

    If your interested please reach out and we can get a dialog going.