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Hi everyone,

We recently moved to Huntsville AL area due to a job relocation. In Florida we had a yard where we grew almost all of our fruits and vegetables, and even had two young nut trees. We enjoy the hobby of pursuing self-sustainable living, but previously we were the only ones in our neighborhood. So before we purchase a house here, we wanted to hear from the locals, if anyone is aware of a type of community or farmstead where a group of like minded people have purchased some acreage through a trust, or at least an area where people have gardens and chickens, etc. We just can’t buy into the suburban neighborhood thing but also don’t want to live rural by ourselves where we couldn’t defend what we’ve worked so hard to establish. Any thoughts?

Our approach to “prepping” is living in such a way to where you are prepared for disaster but also if things just go bad, but not disasterous, that you at least have your land you pay so dearly for, give you food in return.

I appreciate any input.



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    For other groups – Search engine exact phrases:
    North Alabama Preppers
    Alabama Prepper Network
    Watchmen of America Alabama

    For land, if you can’t find a group to be part of before you move, Madison (Huntsville’s county) and Marshall are both easy to navigate re. zoning for a small farm and various livestock, with Marshall a little cheaper than Madison. Morgan takes a little more work to find specific zoning info, but it’s inexpensive and within striking distance of Huntsville for a commute as well.

    Look up “farm real estate website” for sites devoted to agricultural and hunting properties if you haven’t yet and end up going it alone, at least for a while.

    Check dog breed restrictions as well if you have a breed you’re set on or own, or are disinclined to settle somewhere with breed-specific legislation. There’s been a growing trend in central and northern Alabama lately, from county to municipal to even small community council rules about breeds.

    There’s a Huntsville Permaculture Guild you might look up as well. Permies run the same gammut as preppers and everybody else – some are normal, some are extreme, some are motivated to an nth degree, some deal in more practical everyday-acceptable approaches, some are bat-shit crazy, some are sane.
    Some of the farms will be more or less sustainable, and some of the people will be more and less open to defenses and some of the more active-measures preppers tend toward.
    If you can’t find a preparedness group, it’s not a bad group to fringe around and settle near (so long as you look for pot first), since they’ll at least share some of your interests and be able to be part of a community.
    Feel gently and you may find that some of the greenies are also gun nuts or open to learning.

    This is pretty long. If you have questions about anything, tag me on the forum to discuss rather than us goobering up the contact site more. 🙂

  2. I am a retired army combat engineer. I am now a gunsmith and own a business in Harvest, Al. That’s about 5 miles North of Huntsville. You can find me by googling American Pride Firearms. I have been prepping for the last 10 years and would like to put together a survival community. I am looking for like-minded people to join me in this task. all people interested need to have a skill set to aid in the community effort, or be willing to learn a skill. I have many that I would be glad to teach, Contact me through my website on my office phone during normal business hours.