Dec 082016

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We are a family of 5, three humans, 1 hunting dog and 1 Labrador Retriever.
We have lived off grid as a test for over a year.
We have and know solar power very well.
We know wind power, we know hydro power.
We can grow organic food anytime of year and we know how to keep our soil producing year after year.
We have raised organic chickens that produced the best eggs on earth.
We are looking to meet people we can trust, that we can develope life-long relationships with, so when the shit does hit the fan our strength in numbers will help us prevail.
If we cannot find a community already set up, we have no problem finding a good piece of land to set one up for the right people.
The Louisville area, the North Georgia mountains, Tennessee mountains or North Carolina mountains are our preferred areas if we find we need to buy land again.

Please feel free to reach out to us, we are new to this website as of 12-08-2016, and we are looking forward to meeting safe, sane and like-minded people that absolutely refuse to not survive whatever happens.

The Kale Couple

  10 Responses to “Looking for serious, likeminded people in or near Louisville, Kentucky”

  1. Merry Christmas!

    Do you have any info on hydro power that you can share with the rest of us?

    I have been interested in that for a long time, but I have not found the correct application for my purposes.

    From what I understand, hydro power requires high-pressure which translates to water falling from a sharp incline.

    I am afraid where I want to put it is VERY flat and water moves rather slow.

    Any ideas?

    • Happy Holidays Thaddeus!

      High pressure: Only in situations for high power needs. A small house usually does not require high pressure. We are very fortunate these day to have LED lighting, LED TV’s and small devices that use to be much larger and much more power hungry.
      A lot can be done with proper gearing, or at the very least–trial and error/ or fiddling with the gearing.

      A small stream can get a lot accomplished if the depth is sufficient for a large wheel, combined with good gearing.

      If you happen to have pictures, that will help us dial in something for your needs.
      How much power are you trying to draw from the stream?
      Have you added up everything that will require power from the stream yet? If so, what is the total watts and amps?
      How large is you battery bank? How many amp hours can it hold? Etc…

      • Thanks for the info.

        I have done absolutely nothing.

        The site in question is way out in the Midwest, I am on the east coast.
        I plan on go there is things start to get too dangerous here.

        Also, I am only working part-time. I am hoping that will change sometime after Jan. 20.

        Looks like I have some “homework” to do!

        Thanks again for your help!

        • Right on. Good luck and let us know when you go out there.
          Take lots of good pictures, video, measurements etc while you are there.
          Bring tape measures, yard sticks AND A FEW WATER TESTING KITS. You should know PRECISELY what type of water you have. Take tests from each end and the center on your property.
          You might want to look into how the wind is in that area. We love solar, but holy cow our wind turbine ROCKS! In a few minutes flat that wind turbine can fill up our battery bank, and it takes the solar panels all day too do the same thing…That’s one wind turbine vs seven solar panels. Together, we always have power.

          Take care,

  2. Hi in Tennessee building a offgrid homstead solar and wind cattle what are you looking for

  3. Hey party of five, I’m party of 2. Me and my dog (goldendoodle). Don’t judge me, my sister is allergic to more desirable breeds. She also doesnt share my prepper mindset. Anyway. Looking for like minded people in Loiusville area. Have skills etc that could benefit a group of intelligent folks looking to prepare for what i hope never happens. I would love to talk to you with zero expectations.

    • etazken

      What a NAME! Anyway hello, just got on this site and learning the ropes. I just wanted to say if the news keeps going like it has with South Korea we might be needing to step up our way of life.

      p.s. Pet goldendoodle for me.

  4. Hello, One and All
    I’ve heard there were like-minded people out there in the world. Will be moving south of Louisville KY in a few weeks and plan on finding a patch of mountain land that can meet the requirements of an OFF GRID life. Been Growing, Hunting and just about every known way to survive for some time. Put I this way I didn’t have running water or Electricity until I reached 8 and even then I had to walk up a mountain to watch a 3 channel TV for Sunday wrestling, So that gives you an Idea of who I am. Planning on Retirement in 3 years or so and want to have a homestead up and running by then. So any Info on where to purchase or gather the required materials locally (CHEAP) would be a great help. Well that’s all for now.

  5. Greetings Preppers in Louisville, Kentucky area.

    I am 51 years old and we have severally autistic son age 15. I have been prepping for 3 years. We have house on the edge of the suburbs in Southern Indiana 30 minutes from Louisville. I have a family business with a warehouse close to the downtown area. Having a special needs child puts me in the compounding prepper category. My goal is to get my neighbors into prepping for a long term power grid outage by asking them to have a shelter in place plan as well as a bug out plan. I believe this should be easier after they hit the north east. Unless they miss. I live far enough from the city where the gangs should not be a problem.

    I would like to have some water, wind and solar power guidance from the Kale couple.

    I am building water filter sink stations and Faraday cage out houses on wheels in my warehouse. I want to build a group of regular preppers and prepper families with special needs children and adults. I am not a prepper in hiding. ( Am I on to something or am I nuts ? ) I want to have meetings and build things in the warehouse with other preppers and have a prepper bonfire at my house one a month to get people thinking about prepping.

    What do you Guys and Gals think ?