Jun 052018

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I’m just testing the waters to see if there’s anyone in the Odessa/Blue Springs/anywhere else to the east of the KC area interested in starting a group. I’m a second generation prepper, a Christian, an old punk rocker and a single father of two.

  4 Responses to “Looking in Missouri”

  1. Your about 2 hrs from me. I have friend that lives in Liberty

  2. Hi,
    I’m about an hour south of you.
    Are you looking for a place to bug out to or wanting people to join you,or just get together & talk ?

    • Mostly I was just curious if other people are in the area. I plan on moving farther out into the country in the next few months so I’ll be sheltering in place. If I could find people I click with I wouldn’t be adverse to starting a group.

  3. I am in Blue Springs