Dec 222017

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Me and my party have been considering a move northward. Washington seems very appealing to us, with the low population rates over most the states. Tons of virgin forest, great game in area, salmon.. A good place to go off-grid before the crap goes down. Looking to talk a little bit about the lands there, help us decide if it is the place for us. solely basic info.

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  1. Washington is a state with varied climate and people. Born and raised in Yakima and luckily moved to montana. Check land use, illegal aliens, illegal drugs (montana gets major shipments from washington) taxes and left wing politics if you decide to move there. For some good solid info check out the prepper forum associated with this site.

  2. We are moving AWAY from E WA (the “conservative” side of WA state). Western liberals are killing this state, and the east side is sorely outvoted!

  3. I too just moved away from that region – SW Oregon to be exact. It was a perfect location and the house was custom built in the mid-80’s with self-sufficiency in mind. Very defensible and so on. BUT – I found myself surrounded by complacency on one hand and dopers on the other. A shame really, but like many other areas the rural part of the state is ruled by the urban – and eastern WA is that exact situation. Check out the State of Jefferson website and the recent Liberty State website – both of those are separatist initiatives – northern CA and southern OR in the first instance, eastern WA in the second.

    I lived there for just over 5 years, having moved from the Blue Ridge. I moved back to a politically conservative part of Appalachia. Two other things to keep in mind are that there is virtually no rain – at all, none – for several months in the summer which, in turn, means the constant threat of forest fires and, at least in Oregon, the state OWNS the water – even if you drill the well on your property, the state still has the right to commandeer that supply. Most western states are that way.

    But as you say it is a beautiful area, lots of open space, low population density, a mild climate (at least in SW Oregon) and some genuinely nice people. Consider this – Oregon has 36 counties and if you excluded the election results from just one of those counties – Multnomah – Trump would have won the state and the state would have a Republican governor – so that’s how lopsided and concentrated the political power is there. Good luck and best wishes.

  4. — @ Ryder: 80 miles N of Yakima doesn’t have the illegal population problem that Yak does. The climate is moderate both winter and summer. Plenty of wildlife, year round streams, not a lot of people, winters are cold with ‘a little bit of’ snow but not as brutal as Montana. I have passed through MT, SD and the like in winter and that’s a real test of survival even without a polar vortex which clips MT, SD every other winter. Also; I think we have a longer growing season for gardens in the summer, but I could be wrong as I’ve never spent a summer in MT, SD.
    — @ Ralph D: You must be a prophet; because what you said about the OR wildfires came true in spades this year! I bet you’re glad you got out in time.
    Yea; King County rules Central & Eastern WA just the same way that Multnomah Co does in OR. But they can’t see over the mountains so we just ignore them. I do wish we could draw state lines different and just form our own state of Liberty. Moving away is what mankind has done throughout history; with the power hungry for control following close behind.
    — And thanks for the State of Jefferson & Liberty State websites. Goes to show that even two year old post are valuable if you learn something.
    Happy Trails ~ F.T.