Mar 312016

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As people preparing for the future, and members of this forum, we all understand that one of the keys to survival is a community. Someone we can rely on and trust, share information with and to ultimately ensure the future of ourselves and our families. My brother and I have come to realize this and are looking to build onto the small community we have already started. We have about 20 or so people with family members. Each of us bringing different skills to the table in a collective we hope will carry us through anything that would happen. The location we have is in Northern Wisconsin with an abundance of natural resources and plans to install items to help with sustainability. We meet up three or four times a year to assist and train ourselves in the case of a situation. Our training includes, firearms, basic survival, team movements, reaction drills, general gear inspection and making plans for the next time. We are not militant types, anti-government or anything along those lines. We are moral, American value driven community of men and women looking to ensure the safety and the security of our families future. I wouldn’t say this a recruitment post, but more of a general call for fellowship and the open flow of communication. If anyone is interested feel free to respond or private message me. I’d be happy to answer any questions. Look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I am interested, how should I contact you?

  2. hey I had sent you an email, did you recieve?

  3. email resent email Torstennbeck at g mail dot com

  4. Are you in Wisconsin?

  5. Said my message sent, so I guess we’ll see. live 4 future 17 at g mail dot com

  6. Would you please share what county you are in? I’m from a southern state and have been looking at Northeast and Northwest Wisconsin area, most recently Northeast because I have a connection there at this time. Also, please correct me on this if I’m wrong, people will move to a location near “base-camp” but not live there at this time. Is that correct? If that is the case, then for sure I will need to know the county so I can start looking if I want to be nearby. Thanks.

    • We are located in Northwest Wisconsin in Douglas County. And yes people will live offsite and relocate to the location in the event of something happening.

  7. I live in the Fox Valley of NE Wisconsin. Am single (divorced with adult children) and am seeking a group. I am retired US Army NCO, Ranger School Graduate and serious about this. However, like everyone else, budget isn’t always there.

    How can I learn more about your group?

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