Dec 272020

Hello, I am looking to buy land in N GA to start my off grid living with my family. Is anyone selling? Is there a community of preppers accepting new members? My skill is growing food, vermiculture, microgreens, sprouting, composting, and long term food storage.

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  1. Hi, we have 169 acres and are wanting to sell part of it. It is in Gilmer county. It is mostly remote with a couple of dirt roads and a couple of ATV trails. Although it is also anointing the 4 lane highway on one side and national forest on another. It is in a tree covenant, which is in effect for the next 7/8 years. (They are 10-year contracts) they allow for one house per 10 acres. Not sure if this is on the lines of what you’re looking for but if so contact me it has been in my husband’s family for 100 years now. And we really would like to keep it more natural we don’t want to developer buying here. We are not exactly sure how many acres maybe up to 80 and we’re thinking about 2000 and acre.
    Thanks and good luck, Dana

    • Hi,

      I am Richard Thomas. My wife an I live in Milton, GA. We are interested in purchasing property and would like to talk with you.

      You can reach me at [email protected] or by phone 404-790-1980. My wife, Rhonda at 404-384-2583.

      We look forward to learning more about your property. If you could send the plat and directions we will review that information.

      Thank you,