Aug 212019

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Looking to connect in Mass/RI/NH/Maine. Would love to start a network of like minded and hard working folks so that we might work together. Safety in numbers as it is said.

A Christian new to prepping, but hard working, medical background with good gardening skills and great organizational skills. My husband is great at carpentry/woodworking, auto repair, plumbing, welding, and ridiculously handy. Our 18yr daughter is pre-med and will be our group physician if society can last that long… I am also looking to complete some surg tech and para training to be of more value to my family and hopefully a group. I also have great connections for these supplies.

We have begun our stockpile of food, resource manuals, ammo, med supplies, etc and I would love to connect with other like minded folks. We are in southcoast of Mass, but we are thinking NH/Maine would be a it great place for a retreat. Looks like there are more of us around that I thought. feel free to email me rmpratt76[at]gmail[dot]com

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  1. Hi rmpratt –

    I am located in suburban/rural NH. Depends on what you think is rural I guess. I too am somewhat new to prepping, but I have began a stockpile of non-perishable medical supplies, and my goal for this growing season is to grow and can close to a year’s worth of food.

    I too am looking for like-minded, Christian folks and it sounds like we may have similar thoughts/ideas. Perhaps we should chat via email?

  2. I am in Northern Maine with 77 acres that my wife and I are setting up to be totally off grid. We have been prepping for some time now with supplies. My wife is knowledgeable of herbal remedies and I am survivalist trained and love to hunt and fish.
    We our 77 acres that also has a pond and a brook we are hoping to have a place where we can live and survive the coming days with likeminded people.

    • My wife and I are in Nashua, NH for past 30-yrs, (southern NH). I am a retired facilities engineering executive, formerly traveled the globe for private and US gov facilities. I currently instruct at Fort Bragg for ACAP on a quarterly basis. Looking for a rural (off-grid) bug-out location north of our location. We have new transportation containing mobile (heated) shelter and months of food to share with fellow preppers. We maintain a citizen-band (Ham) communication in a faraday cage for protection, along with a large supply of batteries. Looking to meet and greet likeminded Preppers.

  3. I believe I emailed you the same time I responded on here. If you don’t have it I can email you again if you like.