May 302017

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We are looking to connect, correspond, encourage, and be encouraged by any Christian Preppers in any of the New England states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island) and New York State.  We currently live in Massachusetts, but would like to relocate to a more rural area, possibly in one of these states (particularly VT, NH, Maine, or upstate NY). We would love to find friends who are both Christian and Preppers. It seems difficult to find both. We believe we should become self-reliant and move away from the cities, whether we are in the “end times” or not. As we see things becoming more restrictive, crazy, and society breaking down, we feel lead to simplify our lives and adopt a self-reliant lifestyle. While we believe the signs of the times certainly point to this being the last days, we do not want to be absolutely presumptuous at this time. However, we still see the great need to prepare in all areas of our lives, as things continue to deteriorate spiritually, economically, socially, morally, and physically. We often truly feel alone (my wife and I), so it would be great to hear from others of similar beliefs, even if you are from some other part of the country. As Christians, we believe the Holy Bible — we believe it all and love it all. We seek to be true followers of Jesus Christ. We do not belong to a particular denomination at this time, but we are essentially fundamental in doctrine. We are not dispensationalist, but we are fine if you are, as long as you believe in prepping as well. Thank you for taking the time to read our post. It would be great to hear from someone!

In Christ,

Dale and Julie

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  1. Hey Dale. You responded to my add below you a couple months ago and i had a death in the family and was not able to talk for some time with too much going on as when you responded happend to be within a day or so and i just forgot to get back to you even though we were beginning to correspond on PM. I’m sorry about that. PM me… Lets talk more.

  2. Hi Dale & Julie,
    I am also a Born again Christian and a prepper. I saw your post and just wanted to respond to give you encouragement and let you know you are not alone. As we know, ultimately God is in control; so if we die tomorrow, all is good. But like you, I believe that He expects us to discern the times and do what we can to prepare.

    Don’t feel alone, God is with us and there are many Christian preppers doing exactly what you, (we), are doing; getting ready for the harder times that will surly come.

    I was born in the NE, but have since moved away. I currently live in Washington State, but just wanted to say Ho.
    – HO!

    I am like you and live too close to population centers that are unwilling to prepare for anything outside of life as usual. We see the dark storm clouds gathering on the horizon, but many can’t see anything but sunshine with their rosy colored sunglasses. I will probably be looking for a relocation spot somewhere in the west away from a city where the population mass is much less dense.

    I wish you both well and God Bless; ken

  3. Hi Dale and Julie,
    I hope you have found somebody local by now, but if you have not, maybe we could talk. My family is in the same boat, except in NH. We moved back to NH at the end of last year from Idaho (work), and finding Christian preppers is a problem. We are settled in central NH, and rebuilding our preps after a hard year. We want to connect with others too, but are looking for something substantial also, more in line with a traditional prepper group. We are down in MA every month or two due to a death in the family and the aftermath of that (cleaning out property and probate). Its smart to want to connect and relocate outside of there. PM me and we can start a discussion.

    Please note I have been in contact with groups before and for various reasons knew they were not for my family. It would be good to have an exchange of views on what is important. If it doesn’t work on that front, we can still encourage each other.

    God bless and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hello I’m a new comer and I’m definitely a Christian and I’m definitely into prepping so I fit the bill just looking to meet and chat with like minded individuals p

  4. Hello I’m a single Christian woman in Massachusetts would like to relocate for the Christian prepper family I am 60 years old in good health please contact me Jeremiah O’Brien 11 at

  5. Hello, I am new to this group, and new to prepping. I also am a non denominational Christian. Believing we are watching the scriptures unfold before our eyes! Would love to either join a group or form a group. I am 51, semi retired and have an 18 year old legally blind daughter still at home with me. Strength is in numbers! I bring a lot to the table medically. Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to reach out!

  6. Hi fellow New England Christian preppers! It is great to see fellow Christian preppers in the area on this site. I have been into prepping for years now, but have recently moved to New Hampshire after 3 years in Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately starting over here means my family and I are not as prepped as we would like to be. Hopefully in the next few years we will build our house in Enfield, NH and really kick things into high gear. A bit about myself… I am 30 Y/O M, with a wife and young child. I am a critical care paramedic with specialty training in tactical and wilderness medicine. I also have substantial experience in disaster and emergency management. I have deployed all around the world and have practiced remote medicine in some very austere environments. I am proficient with firearms, hand-to-hand combat, sanitization, and logistics. I am also a god fearing Christian. I would love to meet other preppers in the area with similar interests and belief systems. I’d love to grow a network and exchange knowledge with fellow preppers. I believe having a strong network of fellow believers will become increasingly more important with the continuing degradation of our society and world as we know it. I’d love to hear from anyone who may be interested in sharing ideas, training, knowledge, or building a network. Contact me at jeffw412 @ aol .com

  7. Hello fellow Preppers, my name is Bob and my wife Cathy are fellow preppers and campers. We live in southern Connecticut but own a campsite in up state Connecticut. Would like to hear from others, Thanks

  8. Hello I’m a new comer and I’m definitely a Christian and I’m definitely into prepping so I fit the bill just looking to meet and chat with like minded individuals in this State iv owned multiple businesses and a hack of all trades I’d live to chat about what others are doing and come up with a bug out location .

    • Hi, All,
      My name is Rebekah and I am also a nondenominational Christian looking for fellow Christian Preppers. I live in the South Coast of Mass, but my husband and I are thinking NH or Maine for a retreat for once things breakdown. We have an 18yr old daughter that will be heading into college next year, Pre-med. Would love to talk or meet up with like minded and God fearing preppers close to us. Strength in numbers. Sounds like we have a few in our area, maybe we can put a group together and work together or at the least offer counsel and encouragement and share info.
      Please feel free to reach out to me if anyone is interested in collaboration, rpratt76 @ gmail.

  9. You guys are not alone. I agree with everyone’s comment as I believe that in the end God’s in control. Any preppers in CA? As you this pandemic is to put dear in all of us. I am God’s soldier and I will fight only for God because he promised all of us eternal life.

  10. I am a fundamentalist bible believing Christian and have been prepper minded for 30 years. I often went camping with my ex wife and volunteered many years as a scout master. I was also a First class Boy Scout as a youth. I have invested thousands of dollars in survival supplies. I am a Native of NYC and lived in rural Ohio for many years. I look forward to learning more about how we can join hearts and minds in preparation for what may come very soon. Yours in Christ, Charles Serrano

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