Jul 072021

My wife and I are looking for like minded individuals to build mag related relationships with. We’re mid 30’s with Christian values. To protect opsec via a public forum I will keep this short. We own some skills and we own supplies. We are strong in some areas, and weak in others. We want to learn and share with others through doing.

we’re located in San Antonio, and would like whomever we meet with to be close.

our expectations are easy, we just want to meet with good honest people, who obtain a healthy mindset.

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  1. We Also new to prepping my wife and I we have gear and supplies, city living looking to learn a lot more with experience people and join or form a small mag with like minded Individuals, we have strong Christian values but we also understand The times are we living and there’s strength in numbers.

  2. Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out. I’m looking forward to speaking with you. You can email me direct at [email protected].

    Also if interested I created a Facebook sub group for like minded folks. I’ll post a link here for that. Feel free to connect their as well, I am the admin.


    Have a good day sir.

  3. Hi Smitty210! I’ve been into prepping for a few years now and am introducing my two children to prepping now. Please email me at [email protected].

    BTW I did sign up for your facebook group.

    Have a great day, 73.