Apr 172020

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I’m in the Bealeton, Va. area and I’m interested in forming a group of like minded people.   I have been prepping for a while and would like to talk to anyone who is concerned with current events and the very real possibilities of something worse happening down the road and become more prepared for when it does happen.

Shoot me a note at [email protected] and lets get a dialog going.

  3 Responses to “Looking to establish group”

  1. Nice post.

    Are you looking to start just a local group, or something more national in scope? I am in California. Thanks, Steve

  2. Replying to your post, my family is kind of new to prepping as a family, my husband has been for a while longer but we are close to your area and are looking for other like minded people since there is better safety in numbers

  3. Just posted a Prepper event to be held June 23-25 in Goochland County. Don’t know how to post the 8 page information sheet on this site. Will do it if anyone knows how. Email to [email protected] for details about the event.