May 242022

Looking for groupmembers.

We are looking for members near moore county NC
We have a farm on 50 acres with 2 wells and a pond. We have livestock and gardening plots and solar capabilities. We are in the process/complete with a clinic, kitchen, dining area, showers,toilets. 2 barracks/living quarters with the capacity of 14 people per. Slots are limited and we will not have more people in our group than we have ability to house in SHTF. We are are Christian. Email us at [email protected] if you want the full details and how to become apart of our Mag.

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  1. I have concerns about the breakdown of the food supply chain and the integrity of the food we eat, among many other concerns. I have developed and I grow superfoods like moringa and Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat as well as microgreens and mushrooms. I am also into processing foods in a commercial kitchen and have a small network of like minded individuals with a lot of experience and protective assets. I am also a Christian survivalist looking for someone with farmland in western NC who would also like to cultivate and store Himalayan Tartary buckwheat and share in protecting our community. call or write Steve at or 509*818*6254.


  2. Could i get some more information. Thank you,